Hi there! I'm Julie, and I help women with prediabetes who are struggling to lose weight and manage their blood sugar

As a pharmacist and Prediabetes coach, I'll show you how you can shed the excess pounds and lower your blood sugar readings, without going on an extreme diet or feeling hungry all the time. 

Let's stop your prediabetes from turning into diabetes, because you have a life to enjoy!

Ready for a change?

I know you are. If you're like most of my clients, you are SO done with yoyo-dieting, sugar cravings, brain fogs, feeling heavy and tired, and most importantly, the fear that your prediabetes will progress into diabetes. 

You're no longer willing to passively watch your health deteriorate. You're taking a stand for yourself and you've decided that taking pills is NOT an option. 

Let me help you (free resources)​​

I love that you're ready to make some changes to your life to improve your health. However, you may be wondering where to start?

Well, I got you covered, sister. Check out one of these free resources to help you lower your blood sugar readings, ditch your sugar craving and get support from a community of people who truly understand what you're going through.

starter kit prediabetes

The Ultimate Prediabetes Starter Kit

Ready to better manage your prediabetes? With this starter kit, you'll receive a recipe book with 16 prediabetes-friendly meals ideas. You'll also learn the 7 most important (and luckily simple) habits to develop if you want to live a healthier life, so that you can improve your health and avoid your prediabetes turning into diabetes.

sugar-free meal plan no added sugar reverse prediabetes diabetes

5 Days to Ditch Sugar Challenge

Trying to cut down on sugar, but not too sure how? Then my 5 Days To Ditch Sugar Challenge is perfect for you! At the end of the challenge, you'll learn how to better manage your sugar cravings and ultimately, improve your blood sugar levels.

Next free challenge: January 7th 2019

prediabetes support group reverse prediabetes diabetes

Community support

The road to better health is always more fun when you have people in your life who understand what you're going through. Come join my free Facebook community for prediabetics who are ready to transform their health.

You can prevent diabetes

If you're committed to preventing your prediabetes from becoming type 2 diabetes, my 12-week Prediabetes Make-Over Program might be the solution you've been looking for.

This 12-week 1:1 program will teach you what to eat and how to exercise to better manage your prediabetes. I’ll show you how to improve your health, so that you don’t develop diabetes and need to take pills for the rest of your life.

This personalized program is tailored to help you:​

 - Improve your fasting blood sugar results

- Lower your HbA1c result in 12 weeks

- Lose up to 20 lbs in a sustainable and safe way

- Prevent your prediabetes from turning into diabetes

About Julie

Hello! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Julie.

I help women with prediabetes lose weight, improve their diet and develop healthy habits, so that they don't develop diabetes.

Combining my background as a nutrition consultant and a pharmacist specialized in diabetes, I help women manage their prediabetes and lose weight through nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and good sleep hygiene.

I’m on a mission to help end type 2 diabetes. And I believe the best way I can contribute to this cause is by helping you manage your prediabetes so that you never develop diabetes.

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