Join the group that will help you improve your health each week, decrease your risk of diabetes, and that truly understand what you're going through!

prediabetes support group

So the doctor said you have prediabetes...

If you’re like most people living with prediabetes, you were probably told by your doctor to “lose some weight” and “develop a healthier lifestyle” if you don’t want to get diabetes.  

Unfortunately, you weren’t given any further instructions on how to achieve this… And you were left to figure out how to manage your prediabetes on your own.

So you turn to Google, and spend hours reading 100+ articles. You try diet after diet, only to realize that all the recommended food taste like cardboard and make you feel deprived. And if you have to listen to another friend give you confusion “nutrition advice” (i.e. something they heard from a Netflix documentary) one more time, you’ll scream.

Feeling overwhelmed?

I feel ya, sister.

When I first decided to improve my diet, I was SO overwhelmed.

From cleaning out my pantry of junk food, testing out new habits, fighting cravings, googling 100+ health articles, to learning how to cook (let's keep in mind that my skills were limited to microwaving instant noodles), it was clear I was setting myself up for failure.

Here's the thing though: improving your diet doesn't have to be so complicated.

You just gotta approach it with a step-by-step mentality.

What to do instead

prediabetes support group

Each week, just choose ONE thing you want to work on. And guess what? By the end of the year, you will have improved 52 aspects of your health, without the overwhelm!

I created the Healthier Each Week: A Prediabetes Support Group for people just like you. I know you're looking to improve your health, without the overwhelm, crazy fad diets and insane food restrictions.

Each week, I share an easy and actionable challenge that'll help bring you closer to improved physical health, and ultimately a life without diabetes.

I know you’re ready to turn your health around, and get your prediabetes under control.

So come join the group, it's free (and super fun)!

Just click on the button below.

Meet Julie

Hi there! If we haven't met, I'm Julie Doan, a pharmacist Holistic Health Coach. I help women  with prediabetes lose weight and manage their blood sugar levels, so that they don't become diabetic (and have to take pills for the rest of their life!).

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