Hi there! I'm Julie, and I help women with prediabetes who are struggling to lose weight and manage their blood sugar

I help you shed the excess pounds and improve your blood sugar readings, without going on an extreme diet or feeling deprived. 

My goal is to help you prevent diabetes, so that you can enjoy a life without illness nor medication.

Before I go on to talk about myself, I want to take a second to let you know you’re in the right place.

If you’re like most of my clients, you were probably handed a prescription by your doctor, and told to “lose some weight” without any further instructions.

He meant well, but unfortunately wasn't trained in that area. So you're left on your own to manage this shocking news.

Or maybe a family member was diagnosed with diabetes, and you’re scared that you're next…

While the diagnostic of prediabetes is never a fun one to receive (actually, it sucks), it just may be a blessing in disguise.


I say this because if you landed on my website, it’s most likely because being told you’re borderline diabetic made you realize that something's got to change.

You're finally no longer willing to put your health at the bottom of your priority list. It lit a fire under your tush, and now you’re ready to do whatever it takes to live a pill-free diabetes-free life.

The problem is, you don’t know where to start...

Your doctor didn’t give you any specific instructions. Everyone and their mother is giving you advice he/she heard from a friend of a friend. And the hours you spend Googling “how to reverse prediabetes” is giving you a major case of overwhelm.

That’s why I’m here to help.

starter kit prediabetes


Ready to better manage your prediabetes? With this starter kit, you'll receive a recipe book with 16 prediabetes-friendly meals ideas. You'll also learn one new daily habit over 7 days, so that you can improve your health and avoid your prediabetes from turning into diabetes.

prediabetes make-over progam


My 12-week program is designed to help you:

  • Lose up to 20 lbs in a sustainable and safe way (without going on a crazy diet, feeling hungry all the time or having to take supplements)
  • Lower your fasting blood sugar results
  • Lower your HbA1c result
  • Stop your prediabetes from turning into diabetes

Don't worry, during our time together, you won't feel restricted, deprived nor forced to eat food that tastes like cardboard. I provide you the support and accountability you need to turn your health around.


As a hospital pharmacist, I’ve been helping diabetic patients manage their blood sugars and drugs for the past 7 years.

While I do enjoy my work, I’m also very drawn to the preventative side of medicine.  I believe that lifestyle-associated diseases like Type 2 diabetes can be treated with a balanced nutrition, exercise and good sleep hygiene.

Long story short, this conviction led me to obtain a certification in holistic nutrition that is recognized by the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners.

While this may sound a bit ambitious, I’m on a mission to help end type 2 diabetes. And I believe the best way I can contribute to this cause is by helping you manage your prediabetes, so that you never develop diabetes.

How did I end up as a Prediabetes Health Coach? 

When I started working as a registered pharmacist 8 years ago, I remember a particular day where a woman came to me seeking advice. She just got out of the doctor’s office, where he gave her the news that she was borderline diabetic.

He simply told her she’d have to lose weight and improve her nutrition and that he’ll see her in 3 months to determine if she needed to start a pill.

She was understandably devastated by this news. She saw her brother progress from a prediabetic to a diabetic needing 2 pills and insulin in less than 5 years. She wanted to know what she could do to prevent this.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t give her much guidance in addition to what her doctor had already told her. I was a pharmacist... what did I know about nutrition and weight loss?!

This frustrated me extremely, because even if my professional expertise is pharmaceutical drugs, deep down I knew that a healthy lifestyle could help this woman, and so many others, reverse this condition.

Turning frustration into a solution

Over the next few years, I would be confronted with this frustration several times as I’d be serving pills to people I knew could benefit from a lifestyle change more than they would from drugs.

Eventually, this frustration would push me to learn more about preventative health and get a two-year certification in holistic nutrition to become a health coach.

Combining my knowledge of conventional medicine and holistic nutrition, I’m dedicated to helping people reverse their prediabetes so that they never become diabetic.

Think we're a good fit?

Interested in learning more about what I do, and how I can help you? Then check out my 12-week program that will help you reverse your prediabetes.


Julie Doan graduated from the University of Montreal, and obtained her Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2010. She then pursued her Master's Degree in Advanced Pharmacotherapy in 2011. For the past 7 years,  she has developed an expertise in diabetes and kidney failure at a McGill University-affiliated hospital center.

In 2018, she obtained her Applied Nutrition Certificate, and is a 2019 Certified Diabetes Educator candidate.

She is a member of the Quebec Order of Pharmacists, and the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners.

Now, The less serious bio ;)

Now that you know a bit more about my story, let me share a sillier side of myself :)

When I’m not being a pharmacist or helping my prediabetic clients, I can usually be found reading self-development books, dancing to '90s and '00s hit songs in my living room, tending to my 20 plants, hosting dinners or planning my next adventure.

I live with my husband Pete in Montreal, Quebec (the French and slightly rebellious side of Canada) and I’m a stepmom to a very cute 9 year-old.

And while I do look young, I'm in my 30s and have been working in healthcare for over 8 years... Just in case you were wondering ;-)

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