Looking to cut down on sugar?

Then come join my 5-day challenge designed to help you beat your sugar cravings!

sugar challenge
sugar-free challenge, sugar detox

Do you feel like...

- You constantly need a sugar-fix to get you over that afternoon slump?

- If you don't satisfy your sugar cravings, you will go on a #HANGRY rampage?

- Your sweet tooth is controlling what you eat, despite your best effort to eat healthy?

Here's a secret: it's NOT your fault.

Sugar is super addictive, and cutting back isn't always easy.

But it doesn't have to be so hard... if you know what steps to take.

After years of needing processed sugar every day to keep my energy up, I've finally managed to keep my cravings under control and drastically cut down on my sugar intake.

Not only did I stop having brain fog and feeling so bloated, but my acne and eczema greatly improved too!

I want to show you how you can do it too.

During this FREE 5-day challenge, I'll show you how you can cut down on sugar, without giving up on delicious food (nope, you won't be eating celery sticks all week).  

I want you to be able to experience what it’s like to no longer have to deal with the brain fog, the constant fatigue, and the bloating caused by excess sugar.

Let me show you how good you can feel with a Naturally Sweet lifestyle!

I've prepared a delicious 5-day whole food meal plan so you know exactly what to eat during your challenge. Girl, I got your back!

Preview of the easy-to-follow 5-day meal-plan:

Wondering what to eat during these 5 days? Girl, I got your back!

I've prepared a delicious 5-day whole food meal plan so you know exactly what to eat during your challenge. 

When you sign up to the challenge, you'll receive all the recipes for the meal plan.

sugar-free challenge, sugar detox

Here's a preview of the topics we'll cover during our 5-day challenge:

The best and worst kind of sugar - sugar-free challenge prediabetes
sugar craving prediabetes diabetes
sugar-free meal plan prediabetes diabetes

So, are you ready to take control of your sugar cravings once and for all?

If that answer is YAAAAS, sign up to my FREE Naturally Sweet Challenge!

Disclaimer: You should always speak with you doctor first before adopting a new diet.  If you are on medication, pregnant, or breast-feeding, please consult a health professional first. If you are on insulin, it is not recommend you do this sugar-free challenge without supervision, as your blood sugar might become low if you don't adjust your dose.

Meet Julie

julie doan

Hi there! If we haven't met, I'm Julie Doan, a pharmacist and health Coach.


I help women who are struggling with low energy, weight gain and skin problems. I teach them what to eat and how to move, so that they can shed the excess pounds, feel energized throughout the day and confident in their skin.

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