Goal-Setting Workshop To Reverse Your Prediabetes

Join me for this free online workshop & discover the secret to sticking to your New Year's resolutions. (Hint: it's not about "working harder" or "doing more")

Because when you can stick to your goals, you'll be that much closer to losing that 20 pounds, lowering your blood sugars and reversing your prediabetes.


What's it about?

  • Understand the biggest mistakes most people make when they set goals, and how you can avoid making them.
  • Get the EXACT blueprint I use with my clients from my Prediabetes Make-Over Program to ensure they reach their goals!
  • Learn the 5 secrets to setting meaningful goals that you can stick to, so that 2019 will be the year you reverse your prediabetes, and stop worrying about it turning into diabetes.

Julie Doan

Pharmacist, Nutrition Consultant, Prediabetes Coach

Hi there! If we haven't met, I'm Julie and I help women with prediabetes who are struggling to lose weight and control their blood sugar. I show them how to shed the excess pounds and reverse their prediabetes, without going on a crazy diet or starving themselves.

I help my clients create clear goals that they can stick to, so that they stay motivated, lose the weight, lower their blood sugar and safely get off their pills.

Set clear goals, so you can make 2019 the year you reverse your prediabetes

Workshop starts in:


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