Regain your health naturally

Through holistic nutrition, stress management and an active lifestyle

As a pharmacist and health coach, I help women improve their diet and lifestyle habits so that they can feel great in their body, reduce their need in medication and prevent chronic illness.

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Health conditions and goals I can help you with

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Skin problems

PCOS, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol


Testimonials + Client Love

Julie gives me the support and accountability I need improve my diet and turn my health around. Her sample menus are so delicious, even my husband likes them! Thanks to her program, I’ve been losing 1-2 pounds per week (total of 11 pounds so far). I can’t wait to see what my newest blood test results will be at the end of my 12 weeks.

Rachel T.

The program showed me how much to eat and what to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks . I lost 4kg (9 lbs) in 6 weeks following this program with light exercises. So I would say try it. You won’t be disappointed!

Sue W.

Julie has helped me lose 17 pounds, and bring down my HbA1c results from 6.4% to 5.9%. Because of her, I know I’m on the right track to reversing my prediabetes.

Amanda S.

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About Julie

Hello! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Julie and I'm a health coach, registered pharmacist and certified diabetes educator.

I help women regain their health naturally by teaching them how to:

  • Cut down on sugar and processed foods
  • Manage their cravings
  • Increase their intake of nutritious whole foods
  • Incorporate exercise into their busy schedule
  • Decrease their stress level
  • Improve their sleep

Whether you have a chronic condition or not, you deserve to have good health, feel great in your body, and have the energy you need to thrive and enjoy life.

As a health coach and pharmacist, your health is my priority.

More Client Love

Je suis tellement contente d’avoir pris la décision de participer à l’atelier sur le sucre de Julie Doan Health, car cela m’a permis de rencontrer Julie et de faire appel à ses services.

En suivant le plan qu’elle a bâti pour moi j’ai pu vraiment mieux gérer mes envies de sucres durant la journée, mieux comprendre ce qui était bien pour mon corps  pour ainsi faire les meilleurs choix possible et j’ai augmenté de loin mon niveau d’énergie dans la journée!.

En bonus, ces nouvelles habitudes alimentaires m’ont permis de perdre à ce jour 7 livres et c’est un processus qui continue!!! Je recommande ses services sans hésiter! Merci beaucoup Julie pour ton support!

Sahadia B.

I've struggled with my weight my entire life and have been a binge eater for as long as I can remember. However, I decided to make a change and turn things around as I'm getting ready for my second pregnancy. I didn't want complications like I had with my first child and I knew I needed help.

What surprised me the most with Julie's approach was that I didn't feel miserable or deprived like I had when I tried different diets on my own. I owe this to the fact that Julie has helped me develop a much more balanced and healthy relationship with food.  She has helped me to see it as fuel for my body and as a beautiful way to care for myself, versus something that simply makes me lose or gain weight. I no longer feel guilt or anxiety about what I eat.

Thanks the plan she has created for me, and the mindset work we do together, I have lost 12 pounds and no longer feel the need to binge eat at night. Thank you Julie for the help you've given me and I'm excited to continue our work together.

Emily M.

When I was diagnosed with PCOS, my doctor wanted to put me on a drug called metformin. I absolutely refused and went online to search for a coach to naturally help me manage my condition.

I'm so happy I found Julie. With her help, I lost 22 pounds, improved my acne and got my period to become more regular (which it hasn't been for several years). Thanks to the changes I've made with Julie, I'm confident I'll never have to take pills to manage my PCOS.

I highly recommend her services!

Amy G.

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